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Our Services 

Organic Hair Color Services

Half Single Process Color  $60+


Single Process Color   $79 + 

 *Additional color fee, $7


Double Process Color   $160 +

Includes up to 1 oz of additional color for color balancing


Glaze   $40 + 

 Color balance for the shaft of the hair 

Full Head Highlighting   $130 +

Entire head is highlighted; often used for heavy highlighted blondes


Partial Head Highlighting   $85 +

For brighting around the face and framing effect


Dimensional Colors   $98 +

Technique that creates dimension to the hair using lowlights or highlights 


Ombre   $140 + 

Hair color that gradually transitions from a darker to lighter shade; 

This highlight typically accentuates the bottom of the hairstyle


Sombre    $140 +

A softer color transition than the ombre; 

a sombre creates a very subtle dark to light transition


 Balayage   $130 +

A subtle, softer, natural result than highlights; 

The color or lightener is hand-painted onto individual sections or strands of hair


Think Curl Perming System   $110+

Ammonia free, vegan friendly perm 



Cutting & Styling Services


Women's Short/Medium Hair Cuts     $70 +

Women's Long Hair Cuts                     $85 +

Men's Hair Cuts                                   $45 +

Children's Hair Cuts                            $35 +


Short/Medium Hair Blowouts    $45+

Long Hair Blowouts    $60+

Flat Iron/curling iron

 *add-on charge for long hair   $10   


Event Styling - Adult     $85 +

Event Styling - Adult - Partial Updo    $60 +

Event Styling - children age 13 and younger  $50 +   


Consultation/ Hair Analysis        $35

*$35 goes toward price of services if booked after consult 

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